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Insurance for Getting Around in NL

Planes, trains, cars and bikes: they're essential for getting around, into, and out of the Netherlands. All these forms of transport are extremely safe in Holland. Still, moving at high speed, be it on wheels or by air, comes with some inherent and unavoidable risks.


Health Insurance in NL

It is obligatory to have Health Insurance in the Netherlands. However, it is not a 'one insurance plan fits all' kind of system in this country! Your line of work, your annual income, and the condition of your health all impact the type of coverage you will need, and how much it will cost you.


Matrimonial Property Law in NL

Marriage means that two people have decided to share their lives with one another. But, what about their property? It is very important to understand which 'matrimonial property laws' apply to you specifically, as an expat living in the Netherlands.


Changing Employers in NL

As the Dutch economy continues to flourish, a trend is starting to develop. It is becoming increasingly common for expatriates to change employers within the Netherlands. If you are considering making this move yourself, beware of legal pitfalls!


Living and Working in the Netherlands?

“The Dutch healthcare system is rated so high for quality is because it is widely and easily accessible”


The Holland Handbook 2018-2019

Once again, we are happy to tell you that the annual update of The Holland Handbook is out and ready to be read!

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