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Green Energy in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has been a long-standing supporter of green environmental initiatives and is ahead of many countries.


Into a new schoolbag? Now is the time

Have you allways waited buying a new schoolbag until september? Don’t!


Go outdoor, go Fjällraven! (and this is why)

People love to go into the countryside. Hiking, walking, running, cycling. It becomes more and more popular. So do outdoor brands. Especially one that helps keeping nature intact. And you can do also.
We will explain this.


Unraveling the Mysteries of Culture

Professor Geert Hofstede, one of the Netherlands' most widely cited and translated scholars, passed away in February 2020, at the age of 91. Hofstede is known for his pioneering research on cross-cultural groups and organizations and has been a great source of inspiration to those who have tried to unravel the mysteries of culture.


Why Do the Dutch Speak English So Well?

The Dutch are internationally known for the fact that their English is of a very high standard.
Why is that?


Have you ever worn an Eastpak? It is about time

Eastpak is the most popular worn backpack. It already exists since the fifties of the last century. We will tell you the story.

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