So, you have embarked on your great adventure and arrived in the Netherlands: welkom!

Your first steps in the Netherlands

Although the initial stage is over, you probably still have a lot to do and perhaps very little time to do it in. You need to get that bank account set up and work out which train to catch to your new workplace on Monday morning, etc. You need not feel overwhelmed, as this section will take you through your essential ‘First Steps‘ and explain how to get them out of the way. Everything you need to know about the Dutch transportation system is provided too, so that you can confidently navigate the rail, tram and bus networks or even decide to ditch your old car to become truly Dutch and invest in a bicycle.

It is important to have this figured out if you need to get to a doctor, dentist or hospital – the range of care options you might need are recounted in detail as well. Of course ‘Legal and Financial Matters‘ come into the equation too, so if you find yourself slightly baffled by Dutch insurance, tax or law, scroll down.

Practical matters aside, homemaking here is what will really enable you to settle in. Take a look at the ‘Daily Life‘ section to get the low-down on where to shop, how to get your phone connected and your new garden flourishing.