Our clearly-written and well-researched articles have helped tens of thousands of members of the international community in the Netherlands. We know the different stages of expat life. We have experts who write about every question an expat might want to ask.
Our extensive network of writers, contributing consultants, journalists and editors allows us to offer our readers, up-to-date information they need in order to make living, working and studying here as comfortable and effortless as possible.
Please meet our most regular contributors.

Stephanie Dijkstra
Editor in Chief
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Edith van Ruitenbeek
Lawyer & Mediator
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Yolanda Bokhorst
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Chris Smit
Global Culture Coach
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Gregory Shapiro
Writer, Host, Comedian
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Henk Jansen
Mortgage Specialist
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Willemijn van Oppen
Principal of Educaide
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Jacob Vossestein
Cross-Cultural Author
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Shirley Agudo
Author Photographer
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Kees de Graaf
Tax advisor at BDO
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Robin Schalekamp
Partner at BDO
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Deborah Valentie
Executive Director at ACCESS
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Han van der Horst
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Anne Parker
Author, Trainer
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Diane Lemieux
Author, Journalist
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Robin Pascoe
Editor of DutchNews.nl
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Jan Vincent Meertens
Intercultural Business Coach
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Phoebe Young
Content Editor at XPAT.NL
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Connie Moser
Journalist – Copywriter – Editor
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Patrick Rovers
Immigration Specialist
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Liane van de Vrugt
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Annebet van Mameren
Chief Navigator at New2nl
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Monique Brans
Owner at Quality Rentals
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Han Dou
Social Media Manager at XPAT.NL
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