Be it to work, to study or to pedal up fewer hills, you have decided to move to the Netherlands. Your excitement may be accompanied by some anxiety over the long list of practical matters and arrangements you need to wade through. Luckily, each section below contains a collection of articles to help explain and breakdown your tasks.

Everything you need to know about moving to the Netherlands

Ensuring you have a roof over your head may well be top of your ‘to do’ list. Our information on ‘Housing in the Netherlands‘ will help you decide whether to rent or to buy a home, and what your choice will mean with regards to tax and mortgages. If you plan to study here, you will probably be interested in a totally different type of accommodation. Read on to find out about this, and everything else to do with ‘Studying in the Netherlands‘.

For those who have had enough of books and exams, and are in search of employment, our ‘Working‘ page offers a thorough overview of the Dutch job market as well as advice on how to set up your own business, become a freelancer or find an employer. You will not need to have mastered Dutch in order to do any of this, since the level of English in the Netherlands is excellent.

However, learning a bit of the lingo is a fantastic way to become culturally integrated, and ‘The Dutch Language‘ section contains some great resources to get you started. Alongside all these practicalities, it is very important that you prepare to enjoy yourself too. Some of the Netherlands’ unique customs, festivities and rules of etiquette are discussed below. They could help pave the path to your future thriving social life. Succes!