So now you have plodded through all those essential ‘moving in’ tasks and begun to settle into life in the Netherlands.

International Education in the Netherlands

You are probably keen for your family to feel at home, if they have moved here with you. Helping kids adjust to their new environment can be challenging, but these articles could make it a little easier. They contain information on where to buy the best clothes, toys and food for children, as well as where to send them to day care, to help them acclimatize. Depending on their age and how long you plan to stay, you may be debating whether to send them to an international or a local school. You can find guidance on this crucial decision in the ‘International Education‘ section.

Fun things to do in Holland

To make sure they really enjoy their new home, there is an abundance of ‘Fun Things To Do With Kids in the Netherlands‘, listed on this site. If all that is in the distant future, and you and your partner are planning your wedding or expecting a baby, you are catered to on XPAT.NL as well. ‘Dutch Family Matters‘ to do with inheritance, perinatal care and marriage are all explained.

For your own ‘Leisure Time‘ you have an extensive choice of ‘International Clubs‘ and ‘Tourist Attractions‘. Or, if you prefer to avoid the crowds, check out these ‘Places Undiscovered By The Masses‘. Unfortunately, much of this galavanting does come at a price.

Living costs

However, our section on ‘Living Costs‘ will help you to manage this, so you can delight in the Dutch experience carefree.