This is our list of the 5 final tasks that will help you fully settle into life in the Netherlands:

1. Find your children the right new school

Now that your kids are getting settled into their new home, they need to start attending either an international or a Dutch school. Learn more about International Schools here.

2. Learn about Dutch customs and language

Start to learn about the culture of your new country. Read up on Dutch etiquette and begin to practice speaking the Dutch language. If you are doing this already, look into taking Dutch lessons to improve your skills.

3. Find a permanent home

You can now find a permanent replacement for the temporary accommodation you first moved into in the Netherlands. Still struggling with the decision of whether to rent or to buy? We have weighed up the pros and cons for you in this article. If you know that you want to own a home, now is the time to start house hunting! If you are not ready for that yet, then find a great place to rent.

4. Start to build your new network

Start to get to know other people in your locality. A good place to make new friends, acquaintances and contacts might be at an international club. Or, if you are studying, you could join a student organization.

5. See the Netherlands

Begin to explore the country itself. You cannot say you have lived in the Netherlands until you have been to the Van Gogh museum.