New year, new chances. We survived the holidays. Fireworks ended the decade with a bang. With that same sound a realisation might sink in; that extra weight we were determined to lose last year, has still not disappeared. In fact, it may have multiplied, but let’s not go there.

January is the month we tell ourselves: it’s time. Time to stop procrastinating and start going for our goals. One of the first places to begin is with our bodies. Losing those (few) extra pounds and fitting into our favourite jeans can give us the self-esteem boost that we need in order to tackle those bigger projects that we care about.

Yet many of us have tried and failed. We may become cynical when it comes to new year’s resolutions because, why try when we never made it beyond March at best. Yet the question remains. How can we do it differently this year? What are the ingredients to lasting success?

Weight loss company NewFysic is more than familiar with this struggle, having accompanied thousands of well-intentioned people in reaching their ideal weight over the course of nearly twenty years. Enough experience upon which to build a successful method.

For this reason, NewFysic’s branch in The Hague would like to share three tried and tested tips that can contribute to reaching your (weight loss) goals and making your changes stick!

1.   Mapping Your Motivation

Success starts once you are aware of your motivation. Meaning: why do you want to lose that extra weight? Is it your clothes that start to feel tight or comments of co-workers? The more detailed you are in describing your motivation as well as your desired outcome, the higher the chances that you will succeed. For instance, when you visit NewFysic for an intake, one of the first questions you will be asked by your personal coach will be: what brought you here? This creates clarity around your intention and forms the foundation that we continue to build upon.

2. Assuring Accountability

Some of us need a regular reminder that we don’t have to do it all on our own. As accomplished, independent or successful as we might be in many areas of our lives, we might not have that same superpower in other areas. Once you accept that fact and allow yourself to receive support, you might start reaching goals you had not thought possible. This is a reason why NewFysic offers weekly coaching sessions as part of the program. Your personal coach assists, inspires and encourages you on your weight loss journey, at our The Hague location in Dutch, English, German or Spanish (basic)!

3. Not Wasting Your Willpower

When you truly want something, you go for it, right? ‘Where there is a will there is a way’, they say. Yet relying on will power alone is risky. It can be a useful tool to tackle a new project, but it is a finite resource and can run out. Making many choices can weaken your will and lead to a state called decision fatigue. You become less discerning and make increasingly poor decisions until you finally have that cookie and fall of the (weight loss) wagon. In order to prevent your discipline from fading too soon, it is important to build on a proven plan and create new habits that become your ‘new normal’ instead of having to choose each time again. For this reason, NewFysic provides personalised food plans, enhanced with supplements. This food plan becomes the basis for a healthy lifestyle that lasts well beyond your weight loss.

If you are inspired to make a change in your life this year, we hope that these tips support you. If you are interested in boosting your confidence, feeling more energetic and improving your health by losing some weight, you are very welcome for a free intake at NewFysic The Hague.

When you sign up in January and mention this article on XPAT.NL, you will additionally receive a 20% discount of on your first month!

We look forward to welcoming you and working towards your weight loss goals together.
Either way, we wish you a successful, strong and slim start of the new year and decade!

For more information, visit or contact or: 088 323 0011 (Fridays in German and Spanish)


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