It is January. Time for all those New Year’s resolutions. Are you like most people; starting out with the best of intentions – joining a gym, going on a diet, stopping smoking – only to find yourself unable to live up to your own great expectations?

This should come as no surprise: habits, good or bad, are very hard to break and for most people willpower alone will not suffice. Add to this the addictive components in cigarettes and you are setting yourself up for failure. But do not despair. A strong adversary calls for a strong solution – and hypnotherapy, by tapping into the resources of the subconscious mind, can provide the extra power you need to succeed.

Scientific research has proven that hypnotherapy can be more effective than allopathic medicine in treating many ailments, including addictions. As a result, hospitals, like the AMC in Amsterdam, are now using hypnotherapy in their treatment programs.

So, how can hypnotherapy help you stop smoking?

Since habits are stored in the subconscious mind, that is where they also need to be broken. Hypnotherapist Sinéad Daly uses hypnotic scripts to implant post-hypnotic suggestions that can lead almost effortlessly to the desired change. As long as there is no deeper emotional need attached to the habit, it can usually be ‘released’ through hypnotherapy. If there is more going on, then attention can be given, through psychotherapy, to that other need until it no longer blocks your progress.

At Healthy Choices you are allowed to record the hypnotherapy sessions, so that you can listen to them at home for a faster and better (as well as cheaper) result.

Let this year be the last year you need this particular resolution; invest in a healthy choice today.

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