People love to go into the countryside. Hiking, walking, running, cycling. It becomes more and more popular. So do outdoor brands. Especially one that helps keeping nature intact. And you can do also.

We will explain this.

Outdoor weekends and holidays are popular. After working fulltime at the office people want to go out. Mostly out of the city and being part of nature.

Staying in a cabin in the woods, in a tent on a camping place and make daily walks through the country, that is what people like. Also going out on a bike, a racingbike or a mountainbike, is a hit. Therefore outdoor brands are doing great and one of them is Fjällraven.

The Kånken is famous for it’s logo with the arctic fox

The Swedish brand became most popular with the creation of outdoor clothes and the Fjallraven Kanken in 1978. A backpack made out of strong and waterproof materials that can be worn everyday under all kind of weather circumstances. It is famous for its logo with the arctic fox on it.

Did you know that a part of the profit of the Kånken is used for projects to save nature? In the first years, the seventies and eightees, this money was invested in conservation of the population of the arctic fox. It became a succes. The arctic fox is back on track. After this project other sustainable projects were launched. And its still going on.

Fjällraven is a nature loving brand

So, by buying a Fjallraven backpack like the Kånken you cooperate with Fjällraven to preserve nature. That gives Fjällraven buyers a good feeling. And of course this is important at the same time. If you want to go out in the country and enjoy nature by being outdoor, you want it to stay like that.

Avoid polution, keep on the pathways and help preserving nature by buying things consciously. Fjallraven is a great example of a nature loving brand that works on it.

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