Have you allways waited buying a new schoolbag until september? Don’t!
This year the first thing you do if summervacation starts is buying a new bikini and a new backpack. Of course in a summer sunny colour! We will give you some inspiration.

Don’t wait until august or september if you are in need of a new schoolbag. Just before the summervacation most brands come up with the latest models, colours and prints. And during the summer you will be in need of a great backpack.

Go for a fresh new backpack

Maybe you go out camping or make many bicycle trips. It is easy and great to have a backpack  ( rugzak )of your own then. A fresh new model that will carry all your necessities during vacation time. In september you put your schoolbooks in it.

Zebra bags are made out of PU and therefore this are great strong bags. Maybe pastel colours for the girls and deep colours for the boys? They are all available now. Get inspired by taking an online look at Zebra bags ( Zebra tas ).

These bags have great prints like animals and cars for example. For every boy or girl there is a backpack kid ( rugzak kind ). There even is one with a stuffed animal to it, a bunny. A great extra for the youngest ones.

Zebra shopper for grownups

As a parent you maybe think: I want a new bag too. Zebra has also great shoppers for grownups. In all kind of colours like ocher yellow, lightblue or green. And so on. With the suèdelook this bag is a real eye cather. Closed with a zipper the bag will take care of all your necessities. You can wear the bag in your hand or over your shoulder. There are also shoppers made out of artifical leather. Great bags, and a Zebra bag is good start of your vacation.

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