When you move to the Netherlands, not only is there the need to find a home that meets as many as possible of the requirements – number of bedrooms and bathrooms, distance from office and school, neighbourhood, amenities – but once you have found it, it has to be financed. Every country has its own approach to mortgages when it comes to maximum amounts, interest, redemption – and their tax consequences. Do not worry, because ABN AMRO gives you tips on finding a home and getting a mortgage

The Dutch real estate agent

For expats, every move entails familiarising themselves with an entirely new set of rules that will determine whether or not they can afford the house they have set their sights on. When faced with the process, what you need is someone who not only knows the ins and outs of the local rules and regulations, but who can also help you navigate the local housing market.

ABN AMRO can help you with that. Find out more about the role, costs and obligations of the real estate agent, what they can help you with and the difference between the buyer’s and the seller’s agent. For instance, contrary to some countries, real estate agents in the Netherlands may not represent both the buyer and the seller of the same property. Though you are not obligated to enlist the help of an agent, the site does list the pros and cons of doing so.

Personal advice from ABN AMRO

When you make an appointment, you can connect with an adviser from ABNAMRO, who will help you find a mortgage that fits your personal situation. An orientation meeting is a free, no-obligations initial meeting with a mortgage adviser. They will go over the types of mortgage available, also taking into account an existing mortgage you may have and the possibility that you may have an underwater mortgage.

Mortgages and more

ABN AMRO offers you further valuable information, such as:

  • Costs payable by buyer, which explains the purchasing costs and financing costs, as well as the tax-deductibility of some of these.
  • Home construction account, to which the mortgage funds are transferred, allowing you to finance the (re)construction of your home.
  • Mortgage advice, it goes over determining how much you can borrow, which documents you need and the fees that apply after your first free orientation consultation.

In short, there is almost too much to list in the scope of this article when it comes to the support offered by the ABNAMRO Bank as you search for a new home in the Netherlands. Be sure to take advantage of their free orientation consult, to help you on your way. And while you are exploring the topic of investing and buying a home, be sure to check out the free digital events that ABNAMRO organises for expats.

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