Since the inception of the deadly covid-19 virus, there has been a significant increase in mental health cases. Mental health is one of the most pivotal parts of wellness that has less popularity, and this has become a significant issue globally. Here are some of the effects people are experiencing that are affecting their mental health.

Drug and substance abuse

Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals overindulging in substance use, including alcohol consumption. Individuals are binge drinking because of the lockdown measures where they tend to remain in the house the whole day. Those who do not have work tend to begin day drinking substantial amounts that can lead to addiction. Users claim that they use the alcohol in huge amounts to reduce their stress levels; however, that is the wrong way of dealing with stress.


Stress is the primary mental health issue reported since covid-19 began as the stringent measures in place had severe consequences. For example, the lockdown demanded that individuals remain indoors, which led to job losses, loss of housing due to accumulated arrears, increase in expenses, and increase in turnovers and losses in companies. These factors have led to increased stress, and individuals have found new ways to cope with the menace. Due to lack of funds, individuals who miss health insurance have had a tough time paying for their medical bills if they get the virus, which builds up more stress.


The effects of the pandemic hit hard as many things came to a standstill, increasing the cases of anxiety. Due to the severe effects of the virus, many individuals were scared of losing their lives. Therefore, everyone was doing their best to ensure each place was clean and sanitised. Apart from the deep cleaning, self-isolation created much anxiety, especially when individuals were diagnosed with the disease increasing the total number of individuals with anxiety.

Health complications

Patients who have contracted the disease have mostly reported experiencing other mental conditions that were dormant in the system. Some of the mental health complications include depressive moods disorder, psychiatric disorders, and anxiety. The disease has directly triggered these health complications as many individuals are worried and helpless due to the deaths that have occurred over the year. Despite the effects of covid-19, mortality rates have reduced because of the strict measures to protect individuals. It is essential to understand that if individuals lack health insurance, treating the health complications becomes expensive. Therefore, everyone must allocate money to cater for medical bills in the future.

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