As of the 2nd of December 2019, BMW Den Haag has been taken over by Dusseldorp Automotive. Besides the change in the company name, this takeover won’t have any noticeable changes at this moment for you as a customer.

A special service for special customers

Enjoy the privileges of BMW Diplomatic Sales, and benefit from the many advantages, including:

  • special conditions and tax benefits as a diplomat
  • personal customer care from their dealership and the BMW Diplomatic Sales team
  • the full range of BMW vehicles tailored to your individual needs
  • order and delivery to almost every country on earth
  • worldwide service and a two-year warranty regardless of mileage

Because each day you perform a very special role, for Dusseldorp Den Haag you are a very special customer. The dedicated Diplomatic Sales Team is delighted to assist you with all enquiries and formalities relating to the purchase of your new vehicle. Therefore they kindly invite you to make an appointment by contacting:

Floris de Gruyl
+31(0)70 301 71 40

Rochél Schmitz
+31(0)70 301 71 42

Who is eligible?

The benefits of BMW Diplomatic Sales are available exclusively for diplomats and employees of international organisations, who move to a new diplomatic posting every three years.

Among the numerous advantages are:

  • Special conditions and tax benefits as a diplomat
  • Personal customer care from their worldwide network of dealers and the BMW Diplomatic Sales team
  • The full range of BMW vehicles tailored to your individual needs
  • Order and delivery to almost every country on earth
  • Worldwide service, 2 year warranty

Working together with BMW Diplomatic Sales

In international diplomacy, flexibility, motivation, stamina and attention to detail are prerequisites. To succeed in this environment you need to stand up for the values you represent with confidence and show an exemplary sense of responsibility. This is much easier if you take joy in what you do which is why a BMW is the perfect form of transport.

Dusseldorp Den Haag
Donau 38-40
2491BA The Hague
The Netherlands
+31(0)70 301 7170

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