Cycling in Holland is the most common thing. Once you have experienced how easy it is and how useful, you go out on your bike everyday. But be alert to changing weather conditions. Arm yourself against it by taking notice of three things we’ll give you here.

Holland is known for a huge amount of bikes and bikers in the streets. Therefore you do not drive a car in for example Amsterdam, because you are earlier at the right place if you go on a bike. Despite traffic lights and trams.

You can wear anything if you are a biker, although trousers seem more suitable then a small skirt. Nevertheless there is something to tell about the bag you take with you on a bike. Three things are really important.


Choose a waterproof backpack ( waterdichte rugzak )if you go out on a bike regularly. No day is the same and in The Netherlands the wetter can change any moment. From sunny in the morning to rainshowers in the afternoon. Be prepared. If you wear a laptop in the backpack, take care and protect your computer by putting it into a waterproof bag.


About the laptop. In crowdy places pick pockets are all around you. Crowdy marketplaces, squares and shopping centres are the places were thieves are active. Especially in summertime. In that case; put your laptop in a anti theft backpack. ( anti diefstal rugzak ) These are made from materials that are cut resistant and the zippers are hidden. Your laptop and other necessities are save in there.


Choose a sustainable bag so you can take it with you for al long time. Leather backpacks are bags that are made of a natural material that will stay strong. It becomes more beautiful by wearing it by daily use. You personalize your leather backpack ( leren rugzak )the longer you wear it. It becomes a part of you.

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